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Getting customers for your ad agency

Although a lot of content about branding, personal relationships and business processes is still a recurring question of how to get customers to your advertising agency, in the current market it is extremely necessary that the insertion of your company clearly proceduralized, highly scientific and metrified from start to finish .

Developing new business used to be about nominations, understanding the time to attack and presenting creative ideas. Calm down, this is all still important, but it takes a long time and the results are at least sporadic and random.

The old presentations had a lot to do with business chemistry and agency reputation and very little about team skills and results. Customers were also looking for that affinity and for proven creativity.

No longer.

Customer acquisition is now driven by data. "You've seen what we've done in the past, we can do the same for you, need to increase your sales, we can grow your lead generation by 500% and increase your conversion by 300%." Cases of success reinforce the discourse.

Letting things happen or relying on your reputation and expecting everything to fit in is not commensurate with the level of competition in the current advertising marketplace. Some points need extra attention in this process.

1 - Develop a value proposition

To sell more in advertising agencies, when it comes to your pitch of sales, do not skimp on what you can do for your customer. They are deciding whether to put their trust (and their real ones) into their service, so it is their responsibility to make customer time worth it.

This starts with your value proposition. Do not spend time with generic speeches. Spend your time developing a clear value proposition, that day to the client exactly what he can expect to receive from you.

2 - Focus on your niche

If you win in one, you win in another. The more you are able to show results for a type of customer, the greater the chances of gaining more customers in that type of business.

So once you have found your ideal client type and you have some case studies that prove this, focus on how you are expert in that area. Make it clear to the client that you do not need a learning curve to score. You're ready to step into the field.

3 - Be persistent but not boring

In the business world, "No" does not always mean "no." We've all heard it a thousand times, "No thanks, I'm happy with my current services. We're not looking to hire a new agency." This is the time to be clear and precise.

Accompanying all your actions with the prospect through a CRM, you have the ammunition you need to say, "Okay, great, I'm not here to sell you an agency I'm here to sell you more Leads, higher engagement rates, more sales and better profit margins.And that's how we're going to do ... "

4 - Make everything be about the customer

Position yourself as an extension of your client's internal team. If you hit your chest and give the impression that you believe you can do things better than it can, customers will quickly set you aside.

Great, you're an expert. We understand that. Put yourself in the customer's place and walk the shopping journey with him. Deliver important data and evidence that supports your pitch and is open to communications. After all you are here to work with him.

5 - Do not be afraid to differentiate yourself

What is the main way your competitors get more customers for their agencies? Regardless of form, you must do something different. If they do A, you should do Z. If they push you, you should pull. To differentiate your brand you have to be able to get out of the box.

Do not try, as is always done, to sell your creative team and your content strategy. This is great and should be mentioned, but put a "WOW" in your speech with market data. Make a promise that you can keep and carry under your arm those successful cases to close with the golden key.

6 - Remember to use your tools.

Just stop talking. Act according to your speech. If you are offering marketing automation to your customers, do not forget to use it for you too!

Some of the most successful advertising agencies use marketing automations to sell marketing automations. Optimized content, dynamic emails, landing pages, targeting the right people with the right message. Blacksmith's house, same iron spit.

7 - Change from a market strategy to a person strategy

This is probably the most important concept to get more clients for your advertising agency. Developing your target persona clearly and using lead scoring, A / B testing and other strategies is the best way to focus your efforts on the people who are really most interested.

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Getting customers for your ad agency
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